1st International IIR
Conference of Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technology

Bucharest, June 22-25, 2016

The "Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technology" conference was held under the auspice of the International Institute of Refrigeration Paris Bucharest and had enjoyed an audience from over 15 countries.

This new conference offered towards all attendees regardless of nationality and citizenship, the possibility to discuss research ideas and exchange knowledges and practices based on their experiences in Cryogenic and Refrigeration technologies.

Furthermore, we consider that Conference ICCRT 2016 held in Bucharest during 22nd – 25th of June, was the place where “Cryogenics & Refrigeration topics” defeated the atmospheric heat from outside, creating opportunities to be aware of most innovative ideas within such challenging domain and generously shared between students, academics & researchers.

Hotel Capitol, 29 Calea Victoriei street, sect 1, 010061 Bucharest, Romania; www.hotelcapitol.ro.

Conference Timing

First announcement July 15, 2015 Closed
Call for paper September 01, 2015 Closed
Abstract submission January 21, 2016 Closed
Notification towards authors February 10, 2016 Closed
Manuscript Submission March 01, 2016 Closed
Final acceptance papers April 15, 2016 Closed
Registration June 1, 2016 Closed
ICCRT Agenda - Updated June 22 – 25, 2016 Download

ICCRT Agenda
Note: Conference Agenda could be subject of minor changes, according latest confirmations.

Conference Topics

A1 - Cryophysics Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics
Heat transfer and thermo-physical properties
Cryogenics in Particle Physics
Quantum hydrodinamics
Measurement and analysis techniques
A2 -Cryogenics technologies, techniques and equipment Liquefaction plants, laboratories and testing facilities
Air separation
Liquefaction and separation of gases
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Production and applications
Cryocoolers, Pulse tube, Stirling, magnetic, etc.
Expanders, Pumps, compressors, regenerators, etc.
Cryogenic applications for power, energy and fuel transportation
Cryoelectronics techniques and systems;
Thermal insulation systems
Space cryogenic applications
Applications in unconventional energies
Cryostats technology
C1 - Cryobiology and cryomedicine Technology and freezing methods and technologies
Preservation of vaccines, serums and elements of microbiology
Preservation of genetic material, organs, tissues, etc.
Therapy, cryosurgery and instrumentation
Cryogenic methods for investigation and analysis

Transfer processes

Refrigeration equipment Absorption, Adsorption and Ejector Systems
Air Conditioning equipment and Systems Energy Efficiency
Heat Pumps and Solar Energy
Refrigeration Equipment and systems
Cryogenics storage and transport techniques Cryogenic storage systems
Cryogenic Energy Storage
Cryogenic applications for fuels storage and transportation
Storage and transport of liquefied gases
Refrigerated transport
Cryogenic for food and environmental science  Refrigeration and food safety
Freezing and preservation applications
Cryogenic methods for food investigation and analysis

Conference’s Keynote Speakers

We are honoured to present Conference’s Keynote Speakers:

Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technology